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An Apple a Day Keeps More Than the Doctor Away

Poonam Bhatia

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Green apples are a great natural way to get younger looking skin. Apples are packed with with Malic acid. So what does Malic acid really do? Malic acid can: Even skin tone Reduce signs of aging such as age spots and freckles Tighten pores Reduce or erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles With all of these benefits it is no wonder why many organic beauty products utilize green apples in their products. Give it a try yourself. Add a cup of apple juice to your bath to cleanse and soften your skin. Apples are not the only fruit...

Ayurveda Tips to "No More Excuses"

Poonam Bhatia

Do you ever find yourself saying you’ll do something tomorrow? Better yet, do you ALWAYS find yourself saying that? Motivation tends to slip away when we are tired or busy. However, THINK of your negative inner voice as a speed bump, NOT a stop sign. Focus on why it should get done in the first place (because it will feel AWESOME!). Here is some advice to help fight through the excuses: Start your day with a nice, warm cup of water with lemon. It is highly refreshing and works as a natural cleanser. It will also encourage you to make...

Bad Hair Day? Good News - Messy Buns Are In!

Poonam Bhatia

Unfortunately not every day can be a good hair day. Often times a busy schedule can leave you scrambling to throw your hair into some sort of presentable style. Luckily messy buns are in! This style is a quick way to throw up your hair without looking like a total disaster.  Check out step by step directions on how to get the chic loose bun look here, courtesy of Seventeen Magazine, and post photos of the messy buns you have rocked!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

Poonam Bhatia

Tags Ayurveda, happy, lifestyle

We’re always so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to take care of what keeps us moving in the first place. We already know it’s important to stay active with exercise, but let’s not put aside the simple daily activities that make us truly happy. Here are a few tips to boost that happiness: Give your mind a break! Find some time to think (or daydream) about something fun you’ve done or a special person you’ve recently connected with. Early morning bird chirps are great, but there’s nothing like the sound of laughter. Share a funny moment...

Ayurvedic Tips to Lead a Fuller Life

Poonam Bhatia

Tags Ayurveda, dosha, kapha, lifestyle, natural, pitta, vata

It is important to MaaDisha to get the word out about Ayurveda and how following some basic Ayurvedic tips can help you live a fuller life. Let's start with the basics. Very important to Ayurveda are the three doshas, or the three life force energies. Vata (comprised of air and space) Pitta (Fire) and Kapha is comprised of water and earth. Balancing the three doshas leads to a healthy system.  Doshas at birth are generally balanced.  Over a period of time any deficiency, excess or imbalance of any dosha can actually induce diseases.  These diseases may be cured through diet...