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Neem Enriched Soap5


$ 7.00
Ayurvedic Neem Enriched Soap - Soap5

Your rough skin is already enough trouble without your soap drying it out even more. Instead of harsh chemicals that suck out nutrients and moisture, Neem Enriched Soap5’s Ayurvedic formula leaves your skin feeling like satin, naturally.


When it comes to this holistic healing soap, it all starts with combining the antibacterial powers of Neem and Holy Basil. Then we add in a touch of Wild Ginger, known in Ayurveda for its ability to fight off infections. To round it all out, Olive Oil is blended in for overall moisturization and nourishment.


Skin irritations like eczema and chronic dry skin are not match for Neem Enriched Soap5. It harnesses the powers of Vitamins A, C, D, and E to remedy common skin woes. Since it doesn’t have any chemicals or artificial fragrances, this soothing soap heals your face, body, and spirit without toxins that can be absorbed through the skin and throw off your balance.


Where? Face & Body

When? Morning, Night, Midday, All The Time

How Much? Enough For a Soapy Lather

How Often? Daily, Weekly, As Often As You Want

How To? Use a wet, warm washcloth to gently exfoliate and cleanse your face and body. To make it last longer, make sure to let your Neem Enriched Soap5 dry between uses.

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