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Lavender Enriched Soap5


$ 7.00
Ayurvedic Lavender Enriched Soap - Soap5

The traditions of Ayurveda have gone hand-in-hand with the relaxing practices of Aromatherapy for thousands of years. Perfectly aligned with Ayurveda’s philosophy of healing mind, body, and soul, this Lavender Enriched soap creates a peaceful, calming experience for your skin.


To create our relaxing Lavender Enriched Soaps, we begin with a blend of moisturizing oils, like sunflower and coconut. Then we blend in organic Comfrey root, an herb known for enhancing skin and tissue health. We finish it off with aromatic lavender oil to gently clarify your skin while it’s fresh scent washes all your stresses away.


Powerful Vitamins A, C, D, and E work to hydrate your skin and moisturize your body. The holistic healing powers of Ayurvedic herbs like comfrey root and lavender essential oil work to clear away dead cells and promote new skin and tissue growth. Lavender, the star of this soap, relieves stress and pain and enhances blood circulation, for better overall balance.


Where? Face & Body

When? Morning, Night, Midday, All The Time

How Much? Enough For a Soapy Lather

How Often? Daily, Weekly, As Often As You Want

How To? Use a wet, warm washcloth to gently exfoliate and cleanse your face and body. To make it last longer, make sure to let your Lavender Enriched Soap5 dry between uses.

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