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Poonam Bhatia Ayurvedic Organic Beauty Reiki

Japanese Holistic Healing: Reiki

Reiki is an Japanese holistic healing treatment focused on removing the blocks caused by physical, mental, and emotional stress and harnessing the tools to heal yourself and live a more positive life. Derived from the Japanese words “Rei”, meaning “God’s wisdom” and Ki, meaning “life force energy”, this practice of “laying hands” aims to energize the seven chakras and cleanse emotional toxins.

What to learn how to speed up your healing processes, alleviate pain, and live a more energized lifestyle?

Poonam Bhatia, Founder of MaaDisha, is excited to offer Reiki lessons to the general public. After learning Reiki with a Guru in India, Poonam has spent over six years practicing the craft, and is ready to pass on her knowledge as an official instructor!

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Time Frame: 8 hrs/day over 2 days (Fri, Sat)
Price: $350/attendee
Class Size: Up to 20 people
Location: Parsippany, NJ