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LOL - It's Good For You!

LOL - It's Good For You!

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LOLing Really Is The Best Medicine

When someone says "laughter is the best medicine", mostly like you're thinking that they want to help you take your mind off of whatever issue you're struggling with. However, that phrase has a lot more truth to it than just helping you see the humor in a bad situation! Laughing hard and often not only helps you to keep a positive outlook on the world around you, but it also leads to many health benefits throughout the body.

LOL Away Your Worries

Laughing is basically a form of emotional exercise. The vibrations that your laughter produces help to massage your insides. Laughing also strengthens your muscles and internal organs. Just as any physical exercise would, laughing releases pleasure hormones, such as endorphins and seratonin, into the brain. The excess of these substances leave you feeling happy and positive, which in turn relieves the stress of your daily routine.

LOL Your Way to Good Health

Another benefit of laughter is that it allows you to increase your intake of oxygen. Higher oxygen levels in the body cause your blood vessels to expand, lowering blood pressure and stimulating better circulation. Better blood and oxygen flow then lead to relief from problems such as headaches, arthritis, and muscle pain or stiffness. Laughter also activates T-cells within the body that strengthen your immune system and come in handy when fighting off sickness.

LOL All The Time

Introducing humor and laughter into your life allows you to view things in a more open-minded way and keeps your body healthy. Studies have shown that faking a smile or forcing a giggle, even when you're not feeling up for a laugh, can help boost your mood, put you in a better mindset, and take advantage of all of these heath benefits. So make jokes, watch funny movies with your friends, and laugh at any chance you can get! It's good for you!

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What's your favorite way to get your friends laughing?
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