Our Team

Poonam Bhatia
CEO and Director of Product

With a vision in mind, Poonam has been experimenting with creating pure and natural beauty products long before the start of MaaDisha. She still hand makes our Oil6, and is intent on educating the Western world on the science of Ayurveda. She is passionate about her non-profit work, including promoting the empowerment of women and time spent working with No Kid Hungry.

Anshey Bhatia, VP
Anshey acts as MaaDisha’s VP, coordinating marketing and operations efforts for MaaDisha.  Anshey’s background includes running Verbal+Visual, a digital agency based in New York City, and running Tradition Threads, a vintage collegiate apparel company.  Anshey’s background in interactive design, entrepreneurship and passion for the MaaDisha lines has served the team well thus far.  He looks forward to helping make MaaDisha an internationally acclaimed brand.