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Healing Your Hair

Poonam Bhatia

Tags ayurveda, deep condition, hair, hairmask2, healthy hair, hydration

Your hair is a skin organ, meaning that everything from your genes, stem cells, and overall health can affect its growth. Bleach, dye, or heat-tools can disrupt the natural oil production process and strip the strands of their natural pigment, leaving your hair brittle, and your scalp dry.   The first step to strengthening your hair and taming that frizz is hydration. A deep conditioning mask works to purify the hair shafts, and stimulate hair follicles to help give you thicker, healthier hair while virtually eliminating split-ends. Simply apply the mask 2-3 times per week prior to shampooing, and let...

MaaDisha Oil6 Commercial Shoot

Poonam Bhatia

Tags Ayurveda, deep condition, healthy, healthy hair, lifestyle, natural

MaaDisha’s first Oil6 commercial! We created the scene based on a Bollywood theme. The commercial is dreamy (you’ll see!) and expresses excitement over the use of this vibrant, Ayurvedic hair remedy. A big thank you to everyone who helped us make a creative and enjoyable commercial shoot. We appreciate their time and energy. We are truly excited to unveil the final results of our efforts!