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Warm Up With Ayurveda

Poonam Bhatia

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Although it’s still warm and sunny out, the days are getting shorter, and cold weather is creeping up on us. As someone who is very susceptible to the cold, I generally have to layer up and surround myself with a few strong space heaters! These generally give off a dry heat that tortures my sinuses and leaves both, me and my skin feeling parched. In order to cut out the need for these pesky heaters (and save a few bucks on electricity), I’ve adopted a some Ayurvedic ingredients and habits that keep me feeling warm, inside and out! Just Add...

5 Ingredients for Natural Health

5 Ingredients for Natural Health

Meals That Heal In a world filled with artificial flavors and neon food coloring, it can be hard to remember that we have a plethora of natural ingredients right at our fingertips. Here at MaaDisha we believe that the best products come directly from nature, and work hard to use its bounty not just in our products, but in our cooking as well. Here are a few of our favorite roots, herbs, and flowers whose benefits go far beyond delicious flavor:  Rosemary Although a common household plant, rosemary is well valued for its many culinary and medical uses. Even a small amount of this herb provides iron, calcium,...