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Our Favorite Inspiring Women

Every Wednesday, we'll be highlighting empowering women from all walks of life! You can read about these talented ladies and the wonderful work they do, right here as we celebrate their achievements and natural beauty.

Elena Shur

Elena Shur MaaDisha Wcw Feature

Meet Elena, NYC-based photographer

Elena loves shooting in nature because there are endless ways to incorporate it and its beauty into her photography. She also loves the challenge that comes along with working with natural light. It changes every hour and by knowing how to manipulate the light, she can create something naturally beautiful. I think being an entrepreneur is great because the possibilities are endless. She can be as creative and innovative as she want to be, and the results are incredibly rewarding.
Shout out to this inspiring lady who feels that life is her classroom and I'm always eager to learn!

Erin Zaikis

Erin Zaikis, Sundara Founder MaaDisha wcw Inspiring Women feature

Meet Erin, Founder of Sundara

As an entrepreneur, Erin loves that she's responsible for her success (and for learning from her failures), and that she's shaping her organization, which works to reduce preventable deaths and diseases through sustainable solutions, involving female empowerment, local involvement, and intensive hygiene education. Sundara's most recent hire, 20-year-old Sheetal, is on her way to becoming the first in her family to be literate, as she is now able to return to school and pay her own fees. Along with all of this, Erin runs a blog on Asian desserts
Shout out to this inspiring lady, who believes that "when you can give a woman the opportunity to succeed, more often than not she will make the right choices for herself and her family: and loves being a part of that!

Peek more about Sundara's work and how MaaDisha works with them to give back.

 Cate StillmanCate Stillman Ayurveda and Yogahealer

Meet Cate, Founder of

Along with authoring an Amazon #1 Bestseller, Cate helps people who "dig" yoga take a giant leap forward in their wellness journeys with the healing science of Ayurveda. Cate also founded a new career path for Yoga Teachers with her Yoga Health Coaching Certification Program, where she helps yoga teachers and healers transition into more lucrative careers while accelerating the wellness trajectory of their clients.
Shout out to this wonderful woman, who not only inspires with her work and passion for wellness, but empowers other to do the same!
 She shares how Ayurveda and essential oils for hair can help with hair loss prevention.


Sherly Tavarez

Inspiring Fashion Stylist and Blogger Inspires MaaDisha #wcw

Meet Sherly, Fashion Stylist & Founder of "Sherly in The City"

Explore New York City with her through her Fashion & Lifestyle blog, Sherly in The City, as she searches for fashion, beauty and travel inspirations. As a stylist and blogger, Sherly loves expressing her creativity by creating content for her unique and special audience, as it grows with her.
Shout out to this inspiring lady, who believes that "you can't truly be yourself until you learn to love the real you, all of you"!

Peek her Instagram and why she loves Ayurvedic natural face oil!

Maxine Chapman

Inspiring Yogi Maxine Chapman Inspires MaaDisha

Meet Maxine, Badass Yogi & Founder of BuddhiBox

As a yoga teacher, she gets to bring love and zen to her community and founded BuddhiBox Yoga Subscription Boxes so she could share her favorite yoga finds and enhance her students' practice, on and off the mat. Maxine's also a huge animal rights advocate who has fostered over 40 dogs in the past 10 years.
Shout out to this inspiring lady, whose passion for supporting her community of happy, healthy, mindful living yogis gives us "all the feels" , as she would say!

You can find MaaDisha goodies on the BuddhiBox Store!

Poonam Bhatia

Poonam Bhatia Ayurvedic Organic Beauty Reiki

Meet Poonam, Founder of MaaDisha

She's always loved experimenting with natural beauty and began hand-making MaaDisha's first product, Ayurvedic + Organic Oil6. A certified Reiki instructor (you can take her classes!), she started MaaDisha with the intention of educating the Western world on holistic healing and Ayurveda.
Shout out to this inspiring lady, whose passion for her family, business and the empowerment of women, knows no bounds.

Peek her wisdom on some Ayurvedic ways to add coconut oil to your diet and beauty regimen.