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Hues For Happier Days

Hues For Happier Days

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Ever notice that your days go better when you're wearing your favorite color? That's because Ayurveda tells us that each and every color has its own energy, which fluctuates depending on the day of the week! This is because the days of the week are tied to the rhythms of the planets and other celestial bodies. Organizing your wardrobe according to this weekly color schedule can help you achieve happier, healthy and more balanced days.


Mondays are known to be ruled by the Moon, which has many cooling characteristics. On this day, Ayurveda suggests wearing White. Mondays are also great days to make new friends, so get out there and mingle!


Tuesdays are ruled by the fiery planet Mars. Inspiring qualities like courage and passion, this day can be great for taking on new challenges. Wearing Red on Tuesdays may help raise blood pressure and circulation, leading to enhanced energy to achieve those new goals!


Governed by Mercury, which is known to inspire all three Doshas, Wednesdays tend to help you naturally balance your intellectual and emotional sides. Wearing Green on Wednesdays can be a great idea! It can have the ability to influence your cells and muscles, creating harmony within the body.


Thursdays, governed by Jupiter, are known for qualities such as knowledge and wisdom! For this reason, Thursdays are wonderful for starting knew academic endeavors. Adding Yellow to your wardrobe can rev up that that intelligent energy, helping you attain those goals.


Named after the goddess of love and beauty, Venus rules over Fridays. Your creative side tends to come out. With all of this excitable energy, wearing Blue, a soothing color can help keep your enthusiasm in check. This way, you can create without getting carried away!


Saturn is in charge of Saturday and tends to be a good time to follow your hobbies and passions. Wearing Black on Saturdays can help you fight off negative emotions, while you're out and about, doing what you love the most!


Since it's governed by the Sun, Sundays are they days you have the most energy! The best color choices on this occasion are Gold and Brown. They both have grounding characteristics to help you keep your energy harnessed and to increase self-awareness.

Rainbow Flower red yellow green

Now that you know which colors are most effective on which days, try applying these Ayurvedic color principles to your closet and let us know how it goes!
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