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3 Ayurvedic Spring Secrets

3 Ayurvedic Spring Secrets

Mood-Killing Kapha Season

Have you ever felt especially lazy on a rainy day? Or ready to conquer the world on a sunny crisp morning? That's no surprise. In Ayurveda, it's believed that you're affected by energies floating in and around you. Since these energies, or Doshas, are governed by the elements of Air, Space, Earth, Fire and Water, that puts you perfectly in sync with the patterns of nature. Knowing your Dosha and being in tune with your own energies and these seasonal patterns can lead to a routine that keeps you balanced all through the year!

The Dampening Dosha

As you round out the winter season and prepare to welcome spring, the Kapha season is in full swing. Kapha is ruled by Earth and Water, making it a very static, cold, and wet energy that doesn't spare anyone, regardless of Dosha. The rain and gloom can bring you down, become a real blocker to achieving your goals through the day. However, Ayurveda sets out simple steps for you to balance out the energy of the season.

  • Lighten Your Lunches: 

Kapha is known for having dense qualities, so choosing diets known to weigh you down is bad idea. Oily, fried foods make you feel even lazier, so avoiding these, along with heavy meats, can be a step towards rejuvenation. Also try watching out for dairy and grains, like oatmeal. These naturally produce mucus, which is in abundance during Kapha season.
    • Hydrating Habits:

    Kapha's damp nature, means adding too much water into the mix can be a problem, too. Ayurveda follows a "like increases like" principle, so drinking large amounts of H20 in this wet time period only amplifies the water energy. To steer clear of this issue, sip teas and avoid ice water.
    • Organize To Energize

    Battling the static, stagnant nature of Kapha season isn't all about dieting, though. Ayurveda says that getting rid of old things can be a great way to complement your internal balancing with an external cleanse! This way you're able to de-clutter and feel lighter, overall. Bet you didn't know that spring cleaning is an Ayurvedic practice!
    MaaDisha Spring Kapha Flower
    Fall victim to the lazy energy of Kapha seaons? What are you doing to stay balanced as we jump into spring?


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