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  • 3 Ways You Should Use Hair Oil

    3 Ways You Should Use Hair Oil

    All About Oil Hair dries out and sheds because valuable proteins are lost from day-to-day wear. The problem is that conventional hair care products have chemicals that strip your locks even...

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  • 3 Ayurvedic Spring Secrets

    3 Ayurvedic Spring Secrets

    Mood-Killing Kapha Season Have you ever felt especially lazy on a rainy day? Or ready to conquer the world on a sunny crisp morning? That's no surprise. In Ayurveda, it's...

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  • Unlimited Uses For Coconut Oil

    Unlimited Uses For Coconut Oil

    The Coconut Craze Coconut oil, harvested from the fruit of the coconut palm, has been consumed in tropical regions of the world for centuries. This age old ingredient is incredibly...

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  • The Cruelty-Free Movement

    The Cruelty-Free Movement

    The Truth Behind "Cruelty-Free" In the world of animal rights, “cruelty-free” is the term used for products or services that do not harm, test on, or kill animals. Today, a majority of...

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  • Shampoo9 Beauty Gnome Review

    Check out this great review by beauty blogger Jessica on Beauty Gnome.   MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012 MaaDisha Shampoo9 Ayurvedic Hair Treatment Review I have been using MaaDisha's Shampoo9 for some...

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