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The Cruelty-Free Movement

The Cruelty-Free Movement

MaaDisha Cruelty Free Lifestyle

The Truth Behind "Cruelty-Free"

In the world of animal rights, “cruelty-free” is the term used for products or services that do not harm, test on, or kill animals. Today, a majority of companies in the world still allow animals to be used in the testing of products, even though these experiments are cruel and unreliable. There are countless brands adopting alternative testing methods, but it's still concerning how many companies harm animals in the quest for beauty!

Cruelty-Free Creators

The term first came about by British Baroness Dowding in 1959 who persuaded manufacturers to fake furs and founded the charity Beauty Without Cruelty. She later launched the first known vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand with the same name. Marcia Pearson then popularized the cruelty-free movement in America in the 1970s when she founded the group Fashion With Compassion.

Keep It Cruelty-Free!

As the movement advances, alternatives to animal testing are readily available for companies. Toxicity testing and cell cultures a just few examples from a variety of other substitutes. Many consumers even refuse to buy products that are not considered cruelty-free! At MaaDisha, but we also want to provide hair and skin care that's healthy, humane, and good for the body, mind, and soul!


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