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The Essential Organic Foods to Buy

The Essential Organic Foods to Buy

American culture has been quickly moving towards all-natural diets as many people are consistently searching for healthier options and organic foods to take home from the grocery store. Unlike conventional nonorganic foods, synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not allowed in the process of growing organic foods. With so many different options at the supermarket, it can be difficult to determine which organic foods to purchase and which to forgo. By researching a bit on our own, we’ve compiled a list of essential organic foods to buy to help you out! It’s estimated that people can reduce their exposure to harmful pesticides and chemicals up to 80% by switching to organic when buying these foods.

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More than 40 different pesticides have been found on strawberries. Their large surface area and tiny bumps also makes pesticides hard to wash off.


Various pesticides have been in milk and different chemicals may be given to cows to stimulate milk production, which is then naturally passed to us through cow milk.


This vegetable topped the chart for the most contaminated fruits and vegetables test


In general, most fruits and vegetables should be bought organic as the majority of them are grown with the usage of pesticides and harmful chemicals. We’ve only named the most essential of the foods, but other notable foods you should buy organic if you can are: apples, peaches, nectarines, grapes, spinach, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, potatoes, and kale. Happy buying!


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