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  • Six Tastes to Satisfy Cravings

    Six Tastes to Satisfy Cravings

    An Ayurvedic Diet Just as the food pyramid breaks down our diets to make sure that we're getting all of our nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the Ayurvedic diet is also segmented...

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  • The Essential Organic Foods to Buy

    The Essential Organic Foods to Buy

    American culture has been quickly moving towards all-natural diets as many people are consistently searching for healthier options and organic foods to take home from the grocery store. Unlike conventional...

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  • Benefits of Different Diets

    There are so many diverse diets out in the world and on the Internet nowadays. Some are for losing weight while others are for health benefits and leading a more...

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  • Benefits of Plant-Based Diets

    Benefits of Plant-Based Diets

      Disastrous Dieting? There are so many different diets out there today! Finding one that suits you and having the willpower to stick to it can be difficult. However, Ayurveda...

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  • Eating Ayurvedic For Spring

    Eating Ayurvedic For Spring

    Savoring Springtime We’re currently in the last stretches of the Kapha season as we barrel towards summer. Whether your Dosha is Kapha, Pitta, or Vata we can all benefit from eating a...

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  • Ayurvedic Tips for Spring

    Keeping Up with Kapha Season In Ayurveda, everything is rooted in the three life forces and energies, known as Doshas: Kapha,  Pitta, and Vata. Everyone has a dominant dosha that...

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  • 5 Healthy oils you should be eating

    5 Healthy oils you should be eating

    5 Oils You Should be Eating   1. Olive Oil: Olive oil has long been praised for its antioxidants and heart healthy properties, however many people are unaware of its low...

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  • Orange You Happy? Your Skin Is!

    Fruit For Thought Are you eating at least one piece of fruit a day? If not, you should start! Fruit is loaded with minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential nutrients. Fruit...

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