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Orange You Happy? Your Skin Is!

Fruit For Thought

Are you eating at least one piece of fruit a day? If not, you should start! Fruit is loaded with minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential nutrients. Fruit also has a high water content which keeps you hydrated and alert. Try to incorporate fruit into your diet as often as possible, although fruit is best eaten in the morning, when the natural sugars pick up your energy pace. Swap a cup of your morning coffee for a bowl of fruit to energize yourself for the day without the caffeine crash. Fruit is also essential in keeping your body healthy and free of disease and sickness. Also, just a reminder to always wash your fruit off to make sure you are not ingesting any pesticides from the growing process. Here are a few fruits that we love at MaaDisha: 

  • Oranges are known for their astringent and toning abilities. They are also said to prevent signs of aging. Packed with Vitamin C this fruit has the ability to improve skins color and texture.
  • Bananas pack lots of potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and a bunch of vitamins that help the skin fight aging. By making a simple mask at home you can make your skin look and feel younger.
  • Watermelons carry a lot of water, which is great for skin that has been sun burnt or is irritated.
  • Apricots have many antioxidant properties. They are good to use if you have dry skin because of the oil they contain. By creating an apricot scrub you can remove dead skin cells from your entire body.
  • Tomatoes are technically a fruit because they have seeds. Tomatoes have the ability to lighten and soften skin. They help blood circulation which also helps improve complexion. Simply rub a slice of the fruit over your face and neck. Rinse and you will find your skin feeling softer.

Orange happy skin

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