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Shampoo9 Beauty Gnome Review

Check out this great review by beauty blogger Jessica on Beauty Gnome.


MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012

MaaDisha Shampoo9 Ayurvedic Hair Treatment Review

I have been using MaaDisha's Shampoo9 for some time now, and wanted to share it with you. I switch hair, beauty, and body products a lot because I'm always trying new things. Its rare for me to find something that I insist on sticking with! However, Shampoo9 has become my "holy grail" of shampoo. Like all MaaDisha products, Shampoo9 is an all-natural treat. With a formula based on Ayurvedic principles (you can read more about Ayurveda in my review of MaaDisha's Soap 5), this shampoo combines carefully selected natural ingredients that each provide a different nourishing component. Gooseberry and Soap Nuts cleanse the hair and scalp of excess oils, while Henna and Neem extracts condition and revitalize the hair. Totally chemical free, Shampoo9 is so cleansing, gentle, and moisturizing that it completely eliminates the need for conditioner. I really love streamlining my hair care routine, and this product helps do just that. To use it, you massage just a few drops (I really mean just a few drops!) into your scalp, let it sit, and then rinse. The product has very little lather, but really does its job. It has a pleasant, slightly minty and herbaceous scent. At 30 dollars a bottle, Shampoo9 is certainly more expensive than other shampoos.. but because of how little you need per shampooing, it is actually a great value. I have very long and thick hair and usually need an entire handful of other shampoos to wash my hair. I've been using the same bottle of Shampoo9 for about 3 months now. This is a great product to switch to if you want to "green up" your hair care routine, and eliminate chemicals. The plant based, thoughtful formula is really appealing to me. I love this shampoo, my hair and scalp are decidedly healthier since I started using it. You can find it at
Do you use any all-natural or Ayurvedic products?
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