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Ayurvedic Tips: We Are What We Eat

The saying, "we are what we eat" has been repeated over generations and for a good reason. Our good health begins from within, and Ayurveda teaches this.

You have probably heard the most basic tips over and over again: healthy diet/staying hydrated/adequate sleep and doing yoga and meditation are all beneficial, and this is very true. We have decided to put together a few other tips to think about.

1. Avoid drinking ice cold beverages as they give body a shock. It also hampers the process of digestion and long term causes joint pain. Try to drink beverages more at a room temperature. 

2. Combinations of certain foods are just plain harmful for you. For example, any fruits that have citric acid (ie. oranges) in them when combined with milk can be quite harmful for the digestive system. Our body produces enough acids within for digestion but by intaking multiple acidic items can lead to indigestion.

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