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Get Healthier, Longer Locks

Many people have a hard time getting their hair to grow. It is important to know that there is no quick fix, but there are ways that you can promote hair growth. We have provided you with some tips to add some inches to your do.

  • Cut your hair. Your hair will not grow unless you get rid of the dead and damaged ends. Try to get a trim every few months to keep ends healthy.
  • Take supplements to aide in hair growth. These supplements include B vitamins, particularly B-6 and amino acids.
  • Avoid overusing heat-styling tools such as straighteners or curling irons. The constant heat causes breakage.
  • Be gentle with your hair when you are brushing and styling it.
  • Eat healthy proteins such as beans and nuts.
  • Avoid the pool. Chlorine damages hair and may prevent growth.

For those suffering serious hair loss MaaDisha makes Oil6, an all-natural product that reduces hair loss.

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