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Treat Yourself and Love Your Skin on Valentine's Day with MaaDisha

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate with MaaDisha by loving your skin.

This year, we are focusing on how important it is for our mental and physical well-being to love your skin. We sometimes forget the skin is our largest organ, and protects us from harm. Yet we often neglect to treat it with the right nourishment, even though how your skin feels and looks is a direct reflection of your inner health.

Loving your skin means you need to eat healthily, avoid smoking and get a regular exercise routine going. Above all else, staying hydrated is key to flushing out toxins in the body and keeping your skin smooth. Loving your skin also means you need to treat it just as carefully on the outside as on the inside. Applying products with harsh chemicals, parabens and exfoliants is a sure way to aggravate your skin, and where’s the love in that?  When you aggravate the skin, you are just creating inflamed pores, breakouts, dry skin and premature aging.

If you are suffering from skin ailments, and are ready to let your skin glow again, we want to you help you love your skin again with our soap5 collection. With seven wonderful, unique scents ranging from patchouli to saffron, each soap has been designed to not only nourish and deeply hydrate the skin, but to invigorate the senses. Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and love your skin.

Don't forget, we are offering 15% off site-wide now until Friday. Use code VDAY15 to take advantage of this offer and nourish your skin today! 


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