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  • Oil Pulling "How-To" Guide

    Oil Pulling "How-To" Guide

    The Power Of Pulling Oil pulling with coconut oil is known to have a long list of beauty and health benefits, starting from clearer skin and ending with better immune health...

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  • Unlimited Uses For Coconut Oil

    Unlimited Uses For Coconut Oil

    The Coconut Craze Coconut oil, harvested from the fruit of the coconut palm, has been consumed in tropical regions of the world for centuries. This age old ingredient is incredibly...

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  • Warm Up With Ayurveda

    Although it’s still warm and sunny out, the days are getting shorter, and cold weather is creeping up on us. As someone who is very susceptible to the cold, I...

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  • MaaDisha Element: Coconut Palm

    MaaDisha is committed to transparency when it comes to the ingredients we put into our products. A popular ingredient in today's health conscious society is the coconut palm, or cocos...

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