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MaaDisha Element: Coconut Palm

MaaDisha is committed to transparency when it comes to the ingredients we put into our products. A popular ingredient in today's health conscious society is the coconut palm, or cocos nucifer. This fruit is remarkable because of its high water content. Many people call coconut trees "the tree of life" because of the many benefits the coconut plant brings.

Here a few of the many coconut plant wonders: 

  • The plant's water can be used to soothe burning sensations on the skin, and is great for anything from eczema to razor burn. 
  • The oil (which we use in our Oil6) helps nourish the hair and increase length.
  • The fruit itself is an aphrodisiac agent and helps avoid general body weakness. 
  • Coconuts are highly nutritious and rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. They provide many health benefits beyond just the nutritional value.

Coconut water has recently become a trend, but the coconut has actually been utilized in cultures around the world for years, for its nutritional and medicinal benefits. The oil is great for cooking, beauty products, and even to drink as a healthier substitute for sports drink: electrolytes without added sugar. 



To learn more about the natural ingredients we use when creating our ayurvedic beauty products. please visit our ingredients page

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