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When Washing Hair, Temperature Matters

When it comes to your beauty routine, oftentimes the details are actually the most important. When washing your hair, the temperature has a huge impact on hair health. Hot water is ideal for deep cleaning because it opens pores on the scalp and breaks down oils. If your hair is feeling greasy or has a lot of product in it hot water is the best way to eliminate that excess oil.

However, it is not good to constantly wash your hair with hot water. Doing so continuously may eliminate too much of your scalps' natural oil, leaving your scalp dry and itchy. In general, too much heat leads to breakage. This includes styling tools such as straighteners and blow-driers too! Try to use them as little as possible. 

For daily showering we recommended keeping the water temperature at lukewarm and only turning up the heat for that occasional deep clean. At the end of a shower, turn the water to cool to close your hair cuticles. This leads to stronger hair and wards off any dirt that may try to accumulate on the scalp. This is also great for your skin, as it closes thew pores and prevents buildup; it's the same general idea. 

So next time you hop in the shower make sure to set the temperature accordingly to keep your hair happy.


For general hair health, we also suggest using our Shampoo9 and Hairmask2, which are organic and free of chemicals. this will increase scalp health and nourish your hair instead of stripping it of nutrients as today's harmful products tend to do. 

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