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Healthy Hair Requires a Healthy You

Poonam Bhatia

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Many people forget that hair is not independent of the body, meaning that in order to get that beautiful healthy mane, it is critical to take care of yourself. A great article on Refinery29 discusses some common hair mistakes many people make that damages hair. The first mistake on the list was not taking care of oneself. Hair pro Stephen D. Pullan states in this article, "women forget that healthy hair is dependent on a healthy body." You will never achieve that hair you have always wanted without taking the time out to focus on the health and wellness of your overall...

Thanks To Those Who Donated To Our Indiegogo Campaign

Poonam Bhatia

We wanted to take the time to express our gratitude to those that donated to our Indiegogo Campaign, created to support the No Kid Hungry initiative. Here at MaaDisha we are committed to giving back to the community, and No Kid Hungry has been created to end childhood hunger here in America. Thanks again to all of you who donated. Your gift will be in the mail shortly! If you are still interested in donating please feel free to contact us at

MaaDisha Oil6 Commercial Shoot

Poonam Bhatia

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MaaDisha’s first Oil6 commercial! We created the scene based on a Bollywood theme. The commercial is dreamy (you’ll see!) and expresses excitement over the use of this vibrant, Ayurvedic hair remedy. A big thank you to everyone who helped us make a creative and enjoyable commercial shoot. We appreciate their time and energy. We are truly excited to unveil the final results of our efforts!

Shampoo9 Beauty Gnome Review

Poonam Bhatia

Tags Ayurveda, healthy, healthy hair, information, lifestyle, natural

Check out this great review by beauty blogger Jessica on Beauty Gnome. See the full site here. MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012 MaaDisha Shampoo9 Ayurvedic Hair Treatment Review I have been using MaaDisha's Shampoo9 for some time now, and wanted to share it with you. I switch hair, beauty, and body products a lot because I'm always trying new things. Its rare for me to find something that I insist on sticking with! However, Shampoo9 has become my "holy grail" of shampoo. Like all MaaDisha products, Shampoo9 is an all-natural treat. With a formula based on Ayurvedic principles (you can read more about...