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Summer Hair Protection

After an unbearably cold winter, spring has finally arrived! With the scalding summer months right around the corner it's important to start considering sun protection for your hair and skin. To get the ball rolling, we've compiled a few essential tips to ensure that your hair stays healthy and radiant while you have fun outdoors:


Use Natural Products with UV Protection
The hot summer sun opens up the pores in your scalp, leaving it vulnerable to absorbing the ingredients in your hair products. To prevent your body from consuming unwanted chemicals we recommend using a shampoo with natural UV protection, such as sunflower oil. For additional damage prevention apply an all-natural leave in conditioner as part of your morning routine to keep hair moisturized and healthy.



Limit The Use of Heat Tools

While it's tempting to reach for your straightening iron to tame summer frizz, applying heat tools to sun-worn hair can have disastrous longterm effects. Use that natural summer-curl and volume to your advantage for one of these no-heat summer hairstyles that will keep your hair looking healthy and stylish.



Add Moisture Before Jumping in The Pool

We know there's nothing better than a cold pool on a hot summer's day, but your hair might suffer if you don't take preventative measures. Hair soaks in the chemicals from the chlorine, leaving it prone to damage and discoloration (ask anyone with dyed blond hair). We recommend applying a leave in conditioner before hitting the high dive to seal in a protective moisturizing layer.



Get Stylish Sun Protection

Hats and scarves are a great way to amp up your summer style while protecting your hair from that brutal sun. The fabric shield stops UV rays from penetrating your strands and, even more importantly, your scalp, which could affect your hair health for months to come.


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