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Ayurvedic Color Choices Heal the Mind & Body

Ayurvedic Color Choices Heal the Mind & Body

Favorite Color Calling! Have you ever felt pulled towards a specific color when getting dressed or making design choices? Be it your clothes, decor or choice in everyday items, having a favorite color is no accident! Everyone is born with an inclination towards one color, and the one you choose says a lot about your personality and tendencies. In Ayurveda, color connects to your subconscious, including feelings and memories, and can have powerful effects on the mind. Thats why each dosha, or mind-body type, has certain shades that help balance out your internal energies, which is the key to well-being! If you don't know...

Summer Hair Protection

Poonam Bhatia

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After an unbearably cold winter, spring has finally arrived! With the scalding summer months right around the corner it's important to start considering sun protection for your hair and skin. To get the ball rolling, we've compiled a few essential tips to ensure that your hair stays healthy and radiant while you have fun outdoors:    Use Natural Products with UV Protection The hot summer sun opens up the pores in your scalp, leaving it vulnerable to absorbing the ingredients in your hair products. To prevent your body from consuming unwanted chemicals we recommend using a shampoo with natural UV...