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Ayurvedic Color Choices Heal the Mind & Body

Ayurvedic Color Choices Heal the Mind & Body

Ayurvedic Color choices clothes line

Favorite Color Calling!

Have you ever felt pulled towards a specific color when getting dressed or making design choices? Be it your clothes, decor or choice in everyday items, having a favorite color is no accident! Everyone is born with an inclination towards one color, and the one you choose says a lot about your personality and tendencies. In Ayurveda, color connects to your subconscious, including feelings and memories, and can have powerful effects on the mind. Thats why each dosha, or mind-body type, has certain shades that help balance out your internal energies, which is the key to well-being! If you don't know your dosha, find out with this quick quiz!

Therapeutic Tones

Colors also have therapeutic qualities. Since color arises from the presence of light, the energy of the Sun is within color, making it a restorative force. The different wavelengths of light that actually produce the colors also send off various vibrations that affect each dosha differently. Because of this, you're attracted to certain colors based on your own prakriti, or internal balance. In case you're struggling with some vikriti, or imbalance, we're sharing some color choices that can help even out your life energies.


If you're a Vata mind-body type, choose earthy tones, autumn tones! Since the Vata dosha is ruled by the elements of Air and Space, these down-to-earth shades can help you stay balanced and positive.

Colors to Wear:

    Beiges, tans, grays, browns warm yellows, and all kinds of pastel colors


      Gold and White Jewelry & Accents
      Ayurvedic Blue Green colored clothing Ayurvedic pastel colored clothing


      Pitta mind-body types are fueled by the element of Fire, so you pittas do best when wearing and surrounded by calm tones! Cooling colors that are found in nature, paired with whites and pale shades are best for a productive Pitta!

      Colors to Wear:

        Blue, greens, colbalt, emerald, white, pale pinks and purples


          Silver and White Jewelry & Accents
          Ayurvedic Earth tone colored clothing ayurvedic pitta colored clothing


          If you're a Kapha type, bright shades can help get you raring to go! With spring being Kapha season, the vibrant colors found in nature during this time of year are great to keep you feeling energized and upbeat!

          Colors to Wear:

            Bright reds, yellows, pinks, oranges and other flowery, spring hues


              Bold colored statement pieces and bright nail polish
              Ayurvedic vibrant kapha colored clothingAyurvedic Vibrant Kapha colored clothing
              Now you can plan your outfits to not only look great, but to also keep you feeling happy, motivated, and fabulous in your own skin!

              Tell us what your favorite color is and if it's the perfect fit for your Dosha! 
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