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  • 10 Tasty Tips for Beautiful Skin

    10 Tasty Tips for Beautiful Skin

    Snacking And Skincare In today's day in age, you have limitless options for skincare products, all claiming to have their different benefits. Supermarkets have entire aisles devoted to skincare products, where billion dollar...

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  • Ayurvedic Tips for Spring

    Keeping Up with Kapha Season In Ayurveda, everything is rooted in the three life forces and energies, known as Doshas: Kapha,  Pitta, and Vata. Everyone has a dominant dosha that...

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  • 6 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthier Hair

    We have all had good and bad hair days, and know our hair has the ability to make our break our mood sometimes. What if everyday could be a good...

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