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10 Tasty Tips for Beautiful Skin

10 Tasty Tips for Beautiful Skin

Ayurveda Ingredient Avocado

Snacking And Skincare

In today's day in age, you have limitless options for skincare products, all claiming to have their different benefits. Supermarkets have entire aisles devoted to skincare products, where billion dollar companies try to entice you to buy their newest rinses, creams, moisturizers and exfoliants. However, getting back to the root of what really makes skin healthy is much more simple than the modern world of beauty has led you to believe. The path to radiant skin circles back to diet, and if your diet doesn't include foods that nourish the skin, then brand names won't help.

Food For Flawless Skin

As Ayurvedic beauty lovers, we've complied of lists of food that will help you attain naturally glowing skin:



Ayurveda Ingredient Cut Avocado




Ayurveda Ingredient Tomato



Ayurveda Ingredient Green Tea



Ayurveda Ingredient Citrus Fruits



Ayurveda Ingredient Salmon


Ayurveda Ingredient Eggs




Ayurveda Ingredient Pomegranate



Ayurveda Ingredient Walnuts


Ayurveda Ingredient Beans



Ayurveda Ingredient Red Green Veggies

1. Avocado

This super-fruit helps prevent dry skin and brittle nails, and can also be applied as a moisturizing mask.

2. Tomatoes

Combining tomato paste and olive oil daily for several weeks can help prevent sunburn, as the nutrients in tomatoes help to slow the cellular damage caused by free radicals.

3. Green Tea

Four cups a day keeps the botox away. Green tea ranks high as a skin-healthy beverage due to its high amounts of polyphenols (anti-oxidants.) If you like to vary it up, there are peach, blueberry, pomegranate, and many other flavors to try.

4. Citrus Fruits

Loaded with Vitamin C which aids in collagen production. 

5. Salmon

How does fewer fine lines sound? Salmon improves skin elasticity and slows down signs of aging. However, be cautious here to only purchase wild Alaskan salmon. Farm-raised salmon actually causes more harm than good.

6. Eggs

Say bye-bye to dry skin! Eggs contain biotin, an essential vitamin, that protects against dry skin.

7. Pomegranate

While enjoying this treat, rub some on your skin for speedy skin cell healing and to create more collagen. If you prefer the no sugar added juice form, pomegranate juice is great for skin texture, can aid in healing scars, and even has anti-aging properties.

8. Walnuts

Packed with Omega-3's, pop a handful of these for smoother, younger looking skin.

9. Beans

Protein-packed! Once digested the protein breaks down into amino acids, which help with regeneration of skin cells and collagen.

10. Red & Green Veggies

Packed with loads of health benefits red and green vegetables also brighten and smooth your skin, so try to consume a side of veggies at mealtime. 

What foods do you incorporate into your diet to keep your skin healthy? Let us know!


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