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DIY Facials From Around The World

DIY Facials From Around The World

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Beauty And Your Body

Ayurveda encourages you to use the things that are found in nature, instead of manmade substances, to enhance your beauty. This is probably a smart choice since more than half of what you put on your skin's surface is absorbed into your body. So instead of using harmful chemicals and harsh substances in your beauty regimen, try adding natural ingredients that you can easily find around you!

Facials From Foreign Lands

Along with practitioners of Ayurveda, which originated in India, other ancient cultures from all over the world also looked to nature for the secret to true beauty. Peoples from all over the world have passed down tips and tricks for keeping your hair and skin healthy and radiant. Here are just a few facials you can try out, starting with a characteristically Ayurvedic one!

India - Turmeric Facials
In India, it's a common practice for young girls to apply a turmeric mixture with hopes of achieving glowing, luminous complexions. The paste-like face mask is great for exfoliation and can even get rid of any pesky peach fuzz on your face. This turmeric + honey face mask, will leave your skin bright and radiant, but watch out, it may stain your clothes!
China - Rinsing with Rice Water
Women in China not only harness the benefits of adding rice into their diets, but they take advantage of it for it's secret beauty boons, as well! Since rice is packed with antioxidants, it has a ton of anti-aging properties. A lot of these antioxidants collect in the boiling water that the rice is prepared in, and rinsing your face with it, can keep your skin looking youthful and toned.

Singapore - Avocado and Papaya Mask
Avocados are packed with moisturizing oils, while papayas are known to have great exfoliating properties. Though this one may be tough not to eat, this combo will cleanse and nourish your skin. To try it out, mix the ingredients well, and leave the yummy mixture on your skin for fifteen minutes before rinsing.

Does your culture have any hidden beauty secrets? Share them with us!

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