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Stay Happy, Stay Healthy

We’re always so caught up in our everyday lives that we forget to take care of what keeps us moving in the first place. We already know it’s important to stay active with exercise, but let’s not put aside the simple daily activities that make us truly happy. Here are a few tips to boost that happiness:

  • Give your mind a break! Find some time to think (or daydream) about something fun you’ve done or a special person you’ve recently connected with.
  • Early morning bird chirps are great, but there’s nothing like the sound of laughter. Share a funny moment with a friend or coworker to help ease day to day stress.
  • Say cheese! Smiling is contagious and can easily be ignited from the people around you when you’re showing those pearly whites.
  • Be grateful. Say thank you to the stranger who holds a door open for you or to the barista that makes your delicious morning coffee. Most importantly, say thank you to LIFE!

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