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What to Eat This Winter

What to Eat This Winter

Red leaf in snow

The changing colors on the trees and the falling leaves are sure-fire signs that we're in the height of Vata season, which is characterized by the dry, windy weather that accompanies late autumn and early winter. The cold can often lead to laziness, sickness, and overall imbalance. However, switching up your diet to accommodate the seasonal changes can help you to feel energized and healthy throughout the harsh winter months!

Frigid Weather Flavors

Ayurvedic science suggests incorporating six unique flavors into each meal, including sweet, salty, spicy, bitter, sour, and astringent.  Each of these tastes affects our internal energies differently, and can help us stay balanced when added to our foods.  Since Vata season is characterized by brisk, dry conditions, increasing warming flavors, such as sweet, salty and sour, can help to internally counterbalance the weather and to avoid skin and hair from dying out!

The More You Eat, The Better...?

Not only adjusting what you eat, but how much, can also be beneficial this winter. The chill of Vata season allows for us to indulge when it comes to our meal portions in order to keep our immune systems strong during flu season and promote proper blood circulation. Eating larger meals and following natural patterns of eating when hungry and until satisfied, encourage balance and warmth.

Cook Away the Cold

Since we're constantly surrounded by colder energies in the winter months, it's best not to incorporate too many cooling foods into our diet. This is the time to step away from raw ingredients and transition to foods that are cooked well all the way through. Vata season allows us to treat ourselves by adding olive oil or clarified butter to our foods to keep us grounded. Incorporating various teas throughout the day also help to stay hydrated and warm.

Snow leaf ground

Though the Vata season usually means runny noses, colds, and the flu, making sure you're eating right can really aid in not only staying warm, but also staying healthy! These general guidelines apply to all body types, but make sure to check out what's best for your particular Dosha-type!

Do you have an winter recipes that are great for staying energized and active this Vata season? We'd love to hear them!

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