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Staying Balanced This Fall

Staying Balanced This Fall

stones and autumn leaves balance

Fall is always such a relief after the hot and hectic summer months. The cool breezes, the changing colors, and the cozy sweaters make autumn one of the best times of the year! Though we're usually excited for this time of year leading up to the holidays, most of us tend to feel totally under the whether when seasons change. 

The Effects of Autumn:

Ayurveda may be able to explain why these changes throw us off kilter. When moving from one season to another, the three Doshas, or life energies, called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, are affected by fluctuating conditions.  Since the Vata Dosha, is governed by the elements of space and air, the onset of winds and chilly weather of the Vata season can disturb our inner balance.

Since we're not all Vata body-types, the changes in the atmosphere affect us differently. We thought we'd share some dosha-balancing tips for all three body-types!


Vata-type individuals are generally thin and struggle to gain weight.  Vata energy is at its peak during the fall, so excess of this dosha in the body can cause emotional and physical problems for Vatas.

  • Eating naturally warming foods like avocados, almonds and ghee can help to balance out the cool energies within.
  • Stay hydrated with warm drinks or herbals teas instead of iced beverages, which can cause an excess of already abundant Vata energy.
  • Oil massages are a great way for Vata-types to rest and relax. They also have a warming effect, which balances the natural cooling energies within Vatas.

The Pitta-type is characterized by average build and the ability to gain and lose weight easily. Since Pitta is considered a hot energy, the sudden chill of fall troubles Pitta-types.

  • Focus on foods with "cooling" energy such as lots of fruit, fresh yogurt, and quinoa.
  • Avoid too many red meats and spicy foods, as these will increase the natural heat within the Pitta body-type.
  • Trying to find cool environments to meditate and exercise can help Pittas feel calm and collected.

Kapha body-types are usually built with a wider hips and shoulders and have trouble with gaining and losing weight. The Vata season tends to have a natural balancing effect on this body-type.

  • Eating light foods such as salads, while also incorporating warm spices can help to maintain the natural balance.
  • Since Kaphas are balanced in Vata season, they tend to become lazy.  Avoid naps and take the opportunity to get in some rigorous exercise.
  • Stay away from heavy or oily foods that might lend to post-meal lethargy.

falling autumn leaf

Hopefully these helpful hints will come in handy during the upcoming Vata season.  We'd love to hear back from all of you, so let us know how these tricks work out in keep you balanced this autumn!


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