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  • Ayurvedic Tips to Lead a Fuller Life

    It is important to MaaDisha to get the word out about Ayurveda and how following some basic Ayurvedic tips can help you live a fuller life. Let's start with the...

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  • A Tasty Tip To Fight Blemishes

    DIY Honey & Cinnamon Mask   Well we can’t really tell you how it tastes, but the combination of these ingredients sounds quite delish. Try this “Do It Yourself” mask...

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  • Healthy Hair Requires a Healthy You

    Many people forget that hair is not independent of the body, meaning that in order to get that beautiful healthy mane, it is critical to take care of yourself. A...

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  • MaaDisha Oil6 Commercial Shoot

    MaaDisha’s first Oil6 commercial! We created the scene based on a Bollywood theme. The commercial is dreamy (you’ll see!) and expresses excitement over the use of this vibrant, Ayurvedic hair...

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  • Shampoo9 Beauty Gnome Review

    Check out this great review by beauty blogger Jessica on Beauty Gnome.   MONDAY, JULY 16, 2012 MaaDisha Shampoo9 Ayurvedic Hair Treatment Review I have been using MaaDisha's Shampoo9 for some...

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