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Healthy Hair Requires a Healthy You

Many people forget that hair is not independent of the body, meaning that in order to get that beautiful healthy mane, it is critical to take care of yourself.

A great article on Refinery29 discusses some common hair mistakes many people make that damages hair. The first mistake on the list was not taking care of oneself. Hair pro Stephen D. Pullan states in this article, "women forget that healthy hair is dependent on a healthy body."

You will never achieve that hair you have always wanted without taking the time out to focus on the health and wellness of your overall being. How can you work towards achieving that healthier you? 

  1. Watch what you put into your body. This does not mean go on a diet, but be conscious of what you are eating. Be sure to eat nutritious foods and avoid junk.
  2. Get enough sleep. This can often times be hard with the busy lives we all seem to lead. Even allowing yourself to get 20 - 30 minutes of extra sleep at night can make a difference. Your body needs rest, and you will find your overall health and attitude will improve when you allow yourself to get that proper amount of sleep.
  3. Take time to disconnect and take some personal time. Focus on you for a while! This may mean taking a bubble bath, taking a long walk, or meditating. Giving yourself that time is important self-care.
Start making small changes to work towards a healthier you and you will notice that positive change in your hair. You may also find you are happier - It is a win win!  X
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