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  • What to Eat This Winter

    What to Eat This Winter

    The changing colors on the trees and the falling leaves are sure-fire signs that we're in the height of Vata season, which is characterized by the dry, windy weather that...

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  • Turn Your Food Into a Facial

    Turn Your Food Into a Facial

    Yummy For Your Tummy, Better For Your Face It's shocking how many of the ingredients you incorporate in your favorite dishes can, not only nourish our bodies internally, but also be great...

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  • Henna's Hidden Secret

    Henna's Hidden Secret

    What's Henna Been Hiding? Through the past several years, henna has gained a great deal of popularity as everyone's favorite method of temporary tattoos. Generally encountered in powdered or paste forms, it...

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  • Let Your Nose Lead You to Natural Haircare

    Most of us love the feeling of melting into the aromas that come along with a relaxing hot shower.  What could be better than soaking away your worries all while...

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  • Is Cold Water Killing Your Balance?

    Is Cold Water Killing Your Balance?

    Ayurveda is all about keeping our minds, bodies and souls happy so that they can live together in perfect harmony, and so that we can reach our full potentials.  Due...

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  • Warm Up With Ayurveda

    Although it’s still warm and sunny out, the days are getting shorter, and cold weather is creeping up on us. As someone who is very susceptible to the cold, I...

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  • Staying Balanced This Fall

    Staying Balanced This Fall

    Fall is always such a relief after the hot and hectic summer months. The cool breezes, the changing colors, and the cozy sweaters make autumn one of the best times...

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  • Detoxification

    When people recommend you to detox, they’re telling you it’s best to remove all of the harmful and toxic substances from your body. Your body actually naturally neutralizes and gets...

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  • Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

    At nearly every restaurant in America, when you order or are given a glass of water, a slice of lemon is commonly placed with it. The yellow, tangy fruit can...

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  • Give Time To Others

    As we go through our normal lives, we constantly become busier and busier. Our minds are wrapped around our own schedules as we hurry from one place to another. With...

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  • The Cruelty-Free Movement

    The Cruelty-Free Movement

    The Truth Behind "Cruelty-Free" In the world of animal rights, “cruelty-free” is the term used for products or services that do not harm, test on, or kill animals. Today, a majority of...

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  • The Essential Organic Foods to Buy

    The Essential Organic Foods to Buy

    American culture has been quickly moving towards all-natural diets as many people are consistently searching for healthier options and organic foods to take home from the grocery store. Unlike conventional...

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